Opera has announced that it will soon be launching a new AI-powered browser for iOS in Europe, following Apple’s changes to its Digital Markets Act (DMA). The move comes as the tech giant faces increased scrutiny over its dominance in the mobile app market, and its control over how third-party apps can operate on its platform.

The new Opera browser will be powered by artificial intelligence, allowing users to benefit from advanced features such as intelligent ad-blocking, enhanced privacy protection, and a more efficient browsing experience. This marks a significant step for Opera as it seeks to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape of mobile browsing, particularly in light of Apple’s DMA changes.

The DMA, which aims to create a fair digital market for app developers and users, has prompted Apple to make significant changes to its App Store policies. These changes include the introduction of new rules designed to level the playing field for third-party developers, such as allowing them to use alternative in-app payment systems and to communicate with their users through alternative channels.

As a result, Opera sees an opportunity to leverage these changes to provide European iOS users with a more advanced and user-friendly browsing experience. The new AI-powered browser is expected to offer improved performance, privacy, and ad-blocking capabilities, as well as a more intuitive user interface.

In a statement, Opera’s CEO, Krystian Kowal, said: “We’re excited to bring our new AI-powered browser to iOS users in Europe. With the changes to Apple’s DMA, we see an opportunity to offer a more innovative and personalized browsing experience that prioritizes user privacy and control.”

The launch of Opera’s new browser comes at a crucial time for the tech industry, as regulators worldwide seek to rein in the dominance of major tech platforms. Apple’s DMA changes reflect a broader trend towards greater regulation of digital markets, and the move by Opera suggests that companies are keen to adapt and innovate in response to these developments.

For European iOS users, the upcoming launch of Opera’s AI-powered browser promises to offer a fresh and competitive alternative to Apple’s native Safari browser. With enhanced features and capabilities, the new browser is set to provide users with a more advanced and personalized browsing experience, while also giving them greater control over their online privacy and security.

Overall, Opera’s decision to launch a new AI-powered browser in Europe following Apple’s DMA changes represents an important step for the tech industry. As the regulatory landscape evolves, companies are increasingly seeking to innovate and adapt in order to provide users with a more competitive and user-friendly digital experience. The launch of Opera’s new browser is a clear indication that the tech sector is responding to the changing market dynamics, and European iOS users can look forward to a more advanced and personalized browsing experience in the near future.

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